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biweekly synonym

That leaves semi-anything to mean intervals of one-half units. That is the problem though; it doesn’t matter to enough people and the people for whom it does matter are seen as odd, compulsive or arrogant. In addition, a biweekly publication is issued every two weeks and a bimonthly publication is issued every two months. I agree with those who suggested “fortnightly.” If someone feels that it’s antiquated or “odd,” that is their problem!

Using bi or semiin front of time periods can create tremendous confusion these days as definitions and style guidance continue to soften and blur. A fortnight is a unit of time equal to 14 days . The word derives from the Old English term fēowertyne niht, meaning “fourteen nights”. Fascinatingly, it seems no one got confused by these two different meanings of the prefix “bi-.” When a worker who got paid every 15 days said he was paid bimonthly, everyone knew what he meant. We do not know who or what you disagree with, unless it is the dictionary. As our blog states, we also “see trouble.” That is why this blog was created, to point out the possibility of confusion with these terms. We do not advocate any particular way of using these terms, but we do suggest substituting actual time frames to avoid confusion.

Jane acknowledged that mute was incorrectly used where moot was meant. But by the standards being applied to “bi” it is just a matter of time before mute will have “taken on both meanings.” I call bull— and cop-out on this “process” for changing the meaning of words. “Using bi or semi in front of time periods can cause tremendous confusion. “Semi” is a bit more abstract, since it means “half”.

biweekly synonym

This highlights the subtle difference between the bi- and semi- prefix when applied to a temporal word. If your employer tells you that you get paid semi-monthly (ie. 1st and 15th) and you take that to mean bi-weekly and set your auto billpay for every other Friday, you’ll be bouncing checks on most months! Bi- simply means “two fixed periods added together”; semi means “happening twice in a fixed period”.

As Adjectives The Difference Between Fortnightly And Biweekly

Sometimes flexibility is OK; sometimes, it’s not. This would make the ly association the preferred one, and it would mean once every half year, or twice per year. This would also make biannual consistent with biennial, and it produces the usual association for fortnightly, for whatever that’s worth.

In astronomy, a lunar fortnight is half a lunar synodic month, equivalent to the mean period between a full moon and a new moon . The easiest way to get more specific about times is to just embrace it. When you’re messaging friends, use the 24-hour time. If they seem confused, stick the backwards, out-of-date 12-hour equivalent in brackets along with a suitably scathing emoji. And if you want to make sure that it becomes second-nature to you, like it is to most of the world, set your smartphone and computer to use the 24-hour clock.

  • We want to reiterate that a historic is correct in American usage.
  • The first records of the word bimonthly come from the 1800s.
  • I think the word fortnight is familiar to many, even in the US.
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I hear many many people using “mute point” and it disturbs me greatly, though I have yet to correct anyone. This magazine is published bi-weekly, on the 1st and 15th of the month. Something that is published or released once every two weeks.The local paper is a biweekly. This should be marked as the answer to the original question “Are there any other words we could use which could help, particularly words which mean ‘twice a week’?”. Semiweekly is defined as “occurring twice a week”.

So “biweekly” would always be once every two weeks. It was, however, quite entertaining and a good way to waste a few minutes. Unfortunately, I’m still confused on the usage. In the email I was writing, I changed biweekly to every other week because obviously everyone has a different interpretation of the word.

A person who gets paid biweekly gets 26 paychecks a year. If a worker is earning a known annual salary, then it all comes out the same whether income summary it is divided by 24 and paid semimonthly or whether it is divided by 26 and paid biweekly. Semitic languages have a special “doubling suffix”.

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Many people think that since bifurcating something divides it, then biweekly must mean to divide the week; but they misunderstand the derivation of the word. The reason that bifurcating something divides it is because it causes it to have two (bi-) forks or branches. Over time this confusion has become so widespread that the words biweekly, bimonthly, etc., have lost their utility. I agree that dictionaries should seek to guard against this, retained earnings but word misuse isn’t illegal, much as we might lament it. Free thesaurus definition of types of newspaper or magazine from the Macmillan English Dictionary – a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Education. The best solution, then, is to avoid using any of the bi- words unless their meaning is absolutely clear from context. When you want to say every two weeks or months, you can just say that.

You’re only partly meeting once a week, at every second week instead. If the barometer is “weekly,” then bi-weekly would seem to mean you’re meeting two times or twice each week. That’s why we devoted this blog to this unfortunate subject. It seems even the teachers are confused by it. Use semi-weekly biweekly synonym – since it doesn’t have conflicting definitions – to convey twice a week and use bi-weekly for every two weeks. Just remember one that you would never misuse, such as my favorite, a bicentennial. Nobody would ever confuse that one and say a bicentennial should be celebrated twice per century.

Not long ago I would hear people talk about getting paid bimonthly. Others, workers adjusting entries who got paid on a very similar schedule, talked about getting paid biweekly.

biweekly synonym

Also in Arabic, by adding the common dual suffix to the word for “week”, أسبوع, the form أسبوعين (usbu′ayn), meaning “two weeks”, is formed. So even though biweekly is universally understood to mean every two weeks, bimonthly can mean every two months or twice a month. Context counts, as is noted by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of English Usage (which unlike Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate is not a dictionary but a usage guide).

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Paying semimonthly means you are making 24 payments each year . They study, among many language phenomena, how word meanings change over time. Because in the end, one can see that word and phrase usage is a community convention. If someone has any good examples of this, I’d love to hear of them.

It only described the two sexes in existence. So bisexual loves both…two…not twice of the same. Much like bisect cuts into two, not twice, with -sect as the operative. The most accurate latin meaning of bi is being composed of two parts or units. Why CAN’T there be a definitive definition, so there is NO confusion. The words fortnight and fortnightly are rarely used in American English. Again with a “weekly” barometer, if you’re meeting half as frequently as weekly then you would be meeting every other week.

Ironically, in your attempt to assert the correct usage of bi-weekly, you have made a mistake. A publication that is published on the 1st and 15th is semi-monthly, not bi-weekly. The difference is that a semi-monthly publication is published 24 times in a year. A bi-weekly publication is published 26 times in a year, or 27 times if the first one is published on January 1st, or on January 2nd in a leap year.

No, no—it’s “fortnight,” as in a period of 14 nights. We did not identify any definition as “proper.” We reported what you will find if you look the words up in the dictionary. It is good that we inform our readers that these words can lead to confusion. Our article is intended to point out that decades of careless usage have made these terms ambiguous. The meanings cited are dictionary definitions. IMHO, if we accept that “semi” will always refer to the time period, then we should be consistent and also use “bi” to always refer to the time period.

biweekly synonym

So this is not a new confusion of terms, but based in history. We may be evolving the language to two different prefixes to avoid confusion. However, we are not contributing to an erroneous usage when we use the prefix ‘bi’ to mean twice in a time period. Nick, I think you’re pointing to the source of the confusion.

A Magazine Published Once A Month

Nothing worse than getting the grammar wrong in a sarcastic reply to someone correcting another person’s grammar. What I don’t understand is the dictionary defines ‘bi-annual’ as twice a year.

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Given that the equation is occurrences per time period, if “bi” refers to occurrences, that is two occurrences per time period. If “bi” refers to time periods, then it is one occurrence per two time periods. Although they are close in timeframe they don’t technically equal each other. If I get paid biweekly, I will receive 26 paychecks in a year.

Biweekly In American English

There’s an annoyingly technical reason for that. You take this story, peddle it to one of the big guys, I bet they’d pay you more than your biweekly salary. Here are a few of the more interesting language issues this copy editor came across last week. And when the same worker said his magazine that arrived six times a year was “bimonthly,” everyone knew what he meant. One can check verbs forms in different tenses.

As Nouns The Difference Between Fortnightly And Biweekly

Besides the ambiguity of the words “bi-weekly” or “bi-monthly,” I think that they are esthetically ugly and artificial words that detract from the English language. I like to keep my Latin and Germanic mixing to a minimum. Try “twice weekly,” if “fortnightly” doesn’t do it for you.

Trying to find another word for biweekly in English? Our thesaurus contains synonyms of biweekly in 3 different contexts. We have listed all the similar and related words for biweekly alphabetically. This is obviously a late addition, but would it be easier if we broke the word differently? Wouldn’t biweekly mean once per biweek or once per two-week?

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